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    Herndon Davis, Los Angeles Author Visitation!

  • original post: Feb 5th 10:20pm
    last post: Feb 5th 9:20pm

    Herndon Davis, Los Angeles Author Visitation!

    Los Angeles based author, media host and consultant, Herndon Davis will discuss his newest book, Repackaged Common Sense. This 13 chapter, 200 page book is a new age spiritual guide for those seeking career and business success utilizing spirituality tools and techniques. The book speaks directly to career minded people-of-faith from all beliefs and is written through the lens of universal spirituality and metaphysical thinking.

    Davis, a former Atlanta resident wrote the book based upon his nearly twenty year career in corporate finance, human resources and media/PR as both an employee and now as an independent business owner. He will speak from the book followed by a Q&A session. The book costs $20 and will be available for purchase. You can view a trailer for the book on YouTube at: Also, feel free to visit the book's website at:

    Event will be held from 5:00-7:30pm!

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