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  • Beta 1.0
  • as of Sunday, July 19th 2009

    cafe nineteen tos

    Thank you for your interest in the cafenineteen project.
    You are currently practicing by implicit permission in the Beta 1.0 phase of the website.
    At this point, we cannot guarentee that any service, user contributed data, or user contributed media can remain consistent and available. You are currently using the site at your own risk. Upon major updates, this Terms of Service will be revised to better match the true capacity of the website.

    Most aspects of the site will change daily without notice.

    All registered users are subject to termination if they voluntary upload media, post links, or post messages that graphically cover or advocate the following subjects:

    Illegal Distribution of Software or Media (Cracking)
    Illegal Methods and Techniques for use in Computer Hacking
    Illegal Drugs
    Child Abuse or Pornography
    Animal Abuse
    Any act that is Federal Violation in the United States of America or breach of Law in the State of Georgia

    All registered users are subject to termination if they voluntary engage in harmful or offensive activities within our forum, comments, and profile system. This may or may not include:

    Harassment of any kind
    Unapproved publishing of personal information
    Solicitation on behalf of an established entity outside of community cafe and cafenineteen
    Cookie mining (Session jacking)
    IP tracking

    Any user that contributes to such topics or engages in said practices is subject to freezing of account or banning of ip. You have been warned.

    beta version 2.0
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